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Praise for the Gluten-Free Pantry

National Nutritional Foods Association
Winner of the NNFA People's
Choice Award 1999, 2000 & 2002
Proud Recipient of the NNFA People's Choice Award 1999 & 2000!
The Gluten-Free Pantry was proud to be honored with the People's Choice Award at the NNFA Marketplace Shows in 1999, 2000 & 2002. These awards were presented to us in '99 & '00 for our gluten-free/wheat-free Chocolate Truffle Brownie mix and again in 2002 for our Old Fashioned Cake & Cookie mix. During each of these competitions our products were selected from a wide range of gluten-filled sweets by a group of judges who were NOT on a special diet!

"We were especially pleased with the chocolate truffle brownies, among the most decadent we've tasted in a long time."
-Good Housekeeping Magazine

"Folks who can't digest wheat (such as those with celiac disease) can enjoy a variety of breads, cakes, and cookies thanks to the Gluten-Free Pantry."
Parade Magazine

"...the Gluten-Free Pantry Inc. in Glastonbury, CT, makes the best gluten-free baking bread that I have ever tried." "Beth's formulas are not only excellent but also completely consistent. Every bag of mix bakes just like every other bag."
Jim Burns, Food Editor, The Los Angeles Times Syndicate

"Beth Hillson is another celiac angel . . . if she had done nothing else, her place in heaven would be assured for creating a delicious gluten-free bagel mix."
Judy Tillinger, The New York Daily News

"When it absolutely, positively has to be delicious and get there overnight, it has to be something from the Gluten-Free Pantry. Not only are the bread mixes the best I have ever tasted and the easiest I've ever baked at home, I won't even consider traveling without a suitcase full of them. . . . A gluten-free diet isn't such a big deal anymore, thanks to my goodies from the Gluten-free Pantry!"
Jax Peters Lowell, Author, Against the Grain

"The best mixes on the market . . . they taste like homemade."
Bette Hagman, Author, The Gluten-Free Gourmet, More From the Gluten-Free Gourmet, and The Gluten-Free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy

"Your mixes are fantastic. Far and away the best gluten-free products I've ever tasted."
Charlie Wolff, M.D.

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your gluten-free products. They are absolutely wonderful! ... Recently I made a cake from your white cake mix and it calls for milk to be added as one of the ingredients. I was making this for a friend who cannot have any milk products so I used apple juice. It worked well and tasted wonderful. Thank you, thank you for your products. You have made eating fun again."
Anna R.

"Thank you for making such great products--your bread mix and muffin mixes are just wonderful. I recently purchased the corn bread mix and it was just to die for!!! You would have never known it wasn't just regular old corn bread. My husband, who has the allergy to wheat and gluten, is just thrilled with the variety of products you offer. Keep up the good work."
Dianne K., Naples, FL

"I just wanted to let you know that you have made my day! I picked up your mix at our local heath food store and made cupcakes last night. My son's class is having a birthday celebration for another student today and that mother is bringing in cupcakes for the party. Thanks to you, I was able to save the day, and bring him a cupcake so he won't feel left out. I just wanted to let you know how your company has touched our lives and made living Gluten-Free a breeze!! Thank you for all the hard work you do in making those mixes. It definitely has saved me from many a cake/bread flops!! Keep up the great work!!"
Michelle F.

"Your mixes have been a godsend to me as I am doing all the cooking for my son (2 1/2). He sure likes your sugar cookies!"
Kate P.

"Danielle's Decadent Chocolate Cake...it ranks as one of the best chocolate cakes I've ever ever ever had. Definitely the best gluten-free cake ever. My chocoholic Father-in-law said it was the best chocolate cake he'd ever had - so did my sugarholic Sister-in-law. They were licking the inside of the cupcake wrappers."
Katherine M.

"I made Fourth of July cookies from the Gluten-Free Pantry's Old Fashioned Cake & Cookie mix and they are absolutely delicious. I have never found a recipe that suited me. They cut our perfectly and I had no trouble getting them on the baking sheets...I am truly happy to find this mix."
Karen L.

"I always loved rice crispies growing up and have not had them in a few years. Yours are excellent."
Claire D.

"I ordered 1 package of your Country French Bread; just to try it. I thought it was probably like all the rest. Boy was I surprised! It actually tasted like REAL BREAD!!!"
Margaret V.

"You've given a lot of foods back to my 7-year old son because you make it easy and tasty. That's something a mommy can't thank you enough for."
Danna K.

"I would just like to tell you how wonderful your products are!! Both my husband and my 3 year old son have Celiac Disease. For years my husband would eat gluten anyway because the products available when he was young did not taste good. Now I can make your products for my family and everyone can enjoy them!"
Kelly E.

"I sent your Muffin Mania Mix and blueberry muffin recipe to my daughter's preschool for their weekly cooking class last week. The children said they were the best they had ever tasted. I have never heard such high praise for a gluten-free product before. Thanks for making my daughter hero for the day!"
Ann P., Vedra Beach, FL

"Beth's mixes have just been a godsend for this busy Mom."
Jane D., Chicago IL

"I'm known for my apple pie. When faced with the possibility that my newly diagnosed daughter would never eat "mom's apple pie" the tears began to flow. Then I made a bag of your gluten-free pie crust. It smelled delicious. After dinner my daughter ate THREE pieces. She said it was even better than my old pie. Thank you!!!"
Beverly W.

"Can't begin to tell you how much my husband enjoys your mixes. . . . Thank you for making his dreadful disease more bearable on him and me!"
Mary P., Lumberton, NC

"Just a quick note to tell you how happy my mother is now that she can eat "real" bread and bagels after 10 years of eating health food store gluten-free bread that tastes like cardboard. I can't thank you enough."
Bernadette L.

"I've tried three other bakeries - there is no comparison. Yours is far and away the best."
Anne Ida K.

"After years of consuming products which taste as though they have been whipped up in a concrete mixer and garnished with glue, I am wallowing in the joy of bread that can be eaten without toasting it to extinction."
Janna F.

"I have been on a gluten-free diet for 20 years. I have tried different gluten-free products at health food stores but nothing can compare to your products."
Sheila E.

"I made my first loaf of your white bread this weekend. I was very, very impressed! I am also very grateful. If for any reason business goes bad and you feel like no longer offering your products, please let me know in advance so I can get a lifetime supply."
Frank C.

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