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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your Return Policy?
  • We will gladly replace merchandise damaged in transit or due to a packing error made by The Gluten-Free Pantry. Please notify us immediately if a problem has occurred. If merchandise must be returned for other reasons, please call our toll-free number to receive our authorization before returning merchandise. If you change your mind once you have ordered, let us know right away. Food items can only be returned within 14 days of receipt. Bread machines and other appliances may be returned if defective, or unused (within a reasonable period of time.)
What is your Privacy Policy?
  • You can be assured that any personal information provided to the Gluten-Free Pantry will be used strictly for our own purposes. We do not sell information from our customer database to other companies or organizations. We also do not participate in "spam" mailings of any nature. If you have received a mailing from us, which was sent in error, please contact us and we will gladly remove you from future mailings.
Tax for Connecticut State Residents
  • Sorry, but we have to charge you tax on certain non-food items.
Errors & Omissions
  • We are not responsible for typographical errors or web design related text errors. Prices are subject to change at anytime without prior notification.


How do I order?
  • We offer ways to order Gluten-Free Pantry products. Products may be ordered directly from our secure Online Store. Just click to select items through our Online Catalog. They will go into your shopping cart. When you are ready to check out, just enter the shipping information and your credit card.
How do I avoid duplicate orders?
  • If you're ordering by e-mail, fax, or answering machine, and calling to verify that the order was received, be sure to mention that the order was already submitted. Occasionally, customers forget to mention that and receive TWO identical orders!
Can I arrange a Standing Order?
  • Certainly, say the word and we’ll ship your favorite mixes at regular intervals.
Do you offer rush processing for faster service?
  • Call us and ask about Rush Shipping.

Online Store

I placed my order online but have not received a confirmation notice yet
  • We normally process orders once daily Monday-Friday. Upon processing of your order, you should receive an e-mail confirmation. You will receive another confirmation after your order has shipped.
Why has my online order status not been updated?
  • Your online order status will be updated on a daily basis Monday-Friday as we process orders through our internal system.
I am using your Online Store, when I enter my credit card number it tells me that my card is invalid. I know that my card is not invalid. What could be the problem?
  • When entering your credit card number through our Online Store, be sure to enter numbers only without hyphens (-). Entering hyphens in your credit card number will make your credit card number appear invalid.
I have used the Registration option in your Online Store but have lost my password. Can I get this information from you?
  • Please contact us to verify your account information and retrieve your password.
I can't seem to find a product that I know you carry, in your Online Store.
  • On occasion, we sell out of certain high demand products and they become back ordered. In this situation, these back ordered items are temporarily removed from our Online Store. If you have a question regarding products in our Online Store please contact us at pantry@glutenfree.com.
I am using your Online Store and having problems checking out. I have items in my basket but am not able to finalize the checkout process?
  • If you are accessing our site from your work computer, it is possible that your employer has Firewall technology installed that is blocking you from making Internet purchases.
  • If you are accessing our site and have Firewall software installed on your computer, it is possible that your security settings are set too high. Please consult the Help area of your software or contact your software vendor.
I am using your Online Store and I can not get items to stay in my shopping basket. Every time I leave the basket page, the items disappear?
  • This is an internet browser specific issue caused by using higher security settings which do not allow for cookies to be placed on your system by our site. For example, in Internet Explorer 6, go to Tools - Internet Options - Privacy and set your level to "Medium". Click on apply and exit Internet Explorer. Upon restarting Internet Explorer, you settings should allow you to save items to your shopping basket on our site. If you are having trouble with this, please contact us for information on your specific situation.


What are your Shipping Rates?

Order Amount
Shipping Charge
Up to $25.00
$25.01 - $50.00
$50.01 - $75.00
$75.01 - $100.00
$100.01 - $500.00
over $500.00
add 5% of total order
For orders within the 48 Contiguous U.S. States. Shipping via UPS or FedEx. Orders outside the 48 Contiguous U.S. States will be billed according to weight and prevailing carrier.

How can I save on shipping charges?
  • U.P.S. has raised its rates . . . But we can lower ours! Give us a business address where we can ship your order and deduct $1 from the shipping and handling charge!
Orders shipped outside of the Continental United States
  • Calculating shipping costs to addresses outside of the United States can get quite complicated. There are numerous options to consider including order weight, package size, destination, time frame, etc. If you would like an order to be shipped outside of the continental United States we will work with you to determine the best options. Please contact us.

Website Use

I downloaded a PDF document from your website, but can't seem to open it.
  • This document requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader application. If you do not have this installed or you require a newer version, it can be obtained for free from here.

I have Acrobat Reader installed, but I am having trouble opening or printing a PDF file from your site.
  • This problem is often a system-specific issue. Please see the Adobe Acrobat support site for detailed information on your specific situation. Click here to visit the support site.


Do you have any materials which list your products by their dietary category?
  • Yes, you can download our product list which outlines all of our products according to the following categories: Kosher, Lactose/Casein Free, Corn Free, Egg Free and Soy Free. This file requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader, get it for free here.
What about Kosher Certification?
  • Our mixes are KVH "Dairy." The "dairy" designation indicates that some of our mixes, which contain milk, are run on the same line as our lactose-free products. But it does NOT mean that there is milk, lactose or casein in all our mixes. Other products' kosher certifications are identified in our product descriptions. Please check with us if kosher certification is a concern.
Is it OK for gluten-allergic people to eat products containing Guar Gum?
  • Guar gum is a high fiber vegetable substance that does not contain gluten and is not processed with any gluten-containing substance. In large quantities, it may have a slight laxative effect on some people.
Can’t Use Eggs?
  • Try our ground flaxseed and powdered lecithin as substitutes. Ask for our list of recipes and ideas for egg substitutions.
Where can I find gluten-free Passover products?


Do you have any tips on making gluten-free bread in a bread machine?
What are the proper conversion formulas for converting Metric values to English?

General Information

Who needs our products?
  • Our products have been developed for people who cannot eat any gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and foods containing these ingredients or their derivatives. We never cease to be surprised at how many food products contain unexpected sources of gluten. The majority of our customers are people, and family members of people, with celiac disease and wheat allergy. Our products are also purchased by people who have medical conditions including autism, certain blood types and others.
  • Our products are ALL wheat-free.
  • All of our lactose-free products are also casein-free.
  • Our products have been developed from gourmet recipes. Everyone in the family can eat and enjoy all of our products. The company founder and her family eat our products every day. They wouldn't expect you to eat anything that they wouldn't serve to their family and friends.
Why are address changes so important?
  • Please let us know if you have moved or if your current address has changed. Zip codes and rural route numbers particularly are being updated. UPS charges $5.00 every time they attempt a delivery to an incorrect address.
Can I have items gift wrapped?
  • Gift packaging is available at $5.00 per order.
What are the proper conversion formulas for converting Metric values to English?

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